1967 Mikko Sulkala, 29, Finland

The Czechoslovakian Peoples Federation working with the Aero Club Czechoslovakia put up the funds to conduct the FFWC for the first time at Sazena, a small village near Prague, August 12 to 15. On hand to defend his F1B WC title was the popular Dane, Thomas Koster. The Europeans were making a tradition of inviting the previous WC back to defend their titles, a tradition that had completely escaped the American FAI organizers in past WC. On hand again for Team USA was Jim Patterson, who was on the 1961 Team. Back again was Herb Kothe whose F1B was second in1956, and who was on the Team in 1955, 56, 58, 59, and 1965 a total of six times. Going to the WC was becoming a full time occupation for some. The other Team Member was George Xenakis. In all there would be 74 contestants, from 28 nations, engaged in this years contest. F1C, was flown on Tuesday, and Hans Seelig (yes of timer fame) of West Germany became the WC. The F1A event was flown on Wednesday, and was won by Mathias Hirschel of DDR. The weather for both of the previous events was perfect. In FlC, ten contestants had five perfect rounds, and four fought it out until the seventh round, to determine the WC. The FlA event was decided in the sixth round, after four had flown off to determine that WC. So Thursday August 15, was F1B day, and judging from the weather forecasts there would be continuing good weather.

ROUND 1-5: The horn announcing the opening of round one sounded promptly at 7:30am, and judging from the outcome, Team (CCCP) was never challenged for the Penaud Trophy. All throughout the day the thermals were abundant, and frequent, and by 5:30pm, when the closing horn sounded, sixteen contestants had maxed every round, and were ready to begin the real contest. Mikko wins it all!Mikko wins it all!

ROUND 6 began at 6:30pm and came to an end with all but two ready to become spectators. At 7:30pm Rachkov who did have a winder wound with his finger! Sulkala, too began to pour on the knots. Both launched, and both did 300 seconds. It was becoming very dim now, but undaunted the aeromodels were processed, and Mikko and Rachkov prepared to fly at 8:00pm. Again the two began to wind simultaneously, and ready, they launched almost together. Something was not right with Rachkov's F1B, it climbed up, and went into a tight flat spiral, losing a lot of altitude, and as the power came out of the rubber, climbed sluggishly. Meanwhile, Mikko's F1B was very high, as it transitioned into the glide pattern. Rachkov was down in 89 seconds, another disappointment for Team(CCCP). Mikko Sulkala, of Finland was the 1967 WC in F1B.

Place Name Country Round l-5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
1 M Sulkala FIN 900 240 300 238
2 K Rachkov BUL 900 240 300 89
3 V Matveev CCCP 900 230
4 E Melentiev CCCP 900 210
5 T Koster DEN 900 207
6 I Farkas HUN 900 203
7 H Martin AUT 900 196
8 G Cassi ITA 900 181
9 E Nienstaedt DEN 900 171
10 K Jusufbasic YUG 900 169
10 L Hansson SWE 900 169
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1967 Team Results for Penaud Cup
1 USSR USR 2666 3 4 23
2 Finland FIN 2663 1 14 24
3 Italy ITA 2662 8 20 21
4 Netherlands NED 2606 13 19 35
5 Denmark DEN 2588 5 9 47
6 Czechoslovakia CS 2581 12 18 46

Mikko SulkalaMikko Sulkala's Wakefield


American Modlere, Dec 1967 1968
Model Aeronautics Year Book, Frank Zaic
FAI/CIAM Sporting Code Section 4

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