Invitation to Express Interest for the Manufacture of F5J Altimeters

CIAM F5JElectronic devices used in competitions for scoring purposes need to be manufactured under specific technical specifications.  Such devices need to be checked for compliance with the specifications and be approved for official use in competitions.


Green airsports honoured with new environmental award

Angelo d ArrigoThe FAI Environmental Commission (EnvC) has established the Angelo d’Arrigo Diploma, a new FAI environmental award which aims at recognising and promoting major contributions in the field of environmental and sustainable development, in accordance with the development of a philosophy and a vision of sport aviation that increasingly wants to be respectful of the environment that surrounds it.


CIAM Flyer (01-2014) - To compensate the assymetrical forces

ciam flyer 01 2014Around the era of 1950 some single engine fighter planes were fitted with two contra-rotating coaxial propellers in order to compensate the serious troubles caused by the assymetrical forces of their extremely powerful piston engines, normally swinging just one huge propeller. Mostly the late production Spitfires, determined to operate from aircraft carriers, were powered that way and are a nice example for this development.


F5 Technical Notice

Postit Sporting Code CIAMA revised version of the 2014 edition of the F5 Electric Model Aircraft volume of the Sporting Code has been published.  It can be downloaded from the Documents page.

CIAM Technical Secretary

CIAM and CONTEST team up to promote aeromodelling

CONTESTThe FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) and CONTEST, the German company organising the CONTEST-Eurotour series of aeromodelling events, have agreed to closely work together for the good of aeromodelling by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.


FAI names Susanne Schödel as new Secretary General

Susanne SchoedelThe FAI is pleased to announce the appointment of Susanne Schödel as its new Secretary General, starting on 1 March 2014. Schödel, a 41 year old German native, combines experience in airsports, management of non-profit making organisations and political matters.


FAI World Championships events selected for full Breitling branding and support for 2014

4-events-breitling-2014 ptThe FAI and Breitling are pleased to announce the FAI World Championships events selected for full Breitling branding and support for 2014.

This year the focus is on a smaller number of events and an increased emphasis on supporting the events and creating a great image of these events which will benefit the events themselves, the FAI and Breitling.


CIAM Flyer (05-2013) - Fast Races with Electric Power

ciam flyer 05-2013Electric Pylon Racing is a discipline involving some of the highest speeds in areomodelling. These days, times of around 60 seconds for ten circuits around a triangular course of 400 m, corresponding to speeds of 300 km/h and more, are not unusual.


F3P Technical Notice

F3P Tech Notice LogoThe F3P 2014-2015 Manoeuvre descriptions & schedules are available on the F3 Aerobatics page ahead of the publication of the 2014 edition of the Sporting Code.  Please be aware that these are considered "unofficial" until publshed in the Sporting Code effective 1st January 2014.

CIAM Flyer (04-2013) - How aeromodelling can boost a career

ciam flyer 4-2013The realisation that hobby and career can benefit each other is not new. Aeromodelling as a highly technical hobby and demanding sport presents a particularly large number of synergies with career and work. Many remarkable examples can be found in the technical trades and professions, one of which is CNC operator, Rogers.


Technical Notice

urgent technical noticesTechnical Notice for CIAM Website


Please be aware that there is a mistake in the effective date of three approved proposals in the 2013 CIAM Plenary Minutes V2. The rules and correct dates are shown below:

F1A:   3.1.2 Characteristics of Gliders F1A

          (dealing with dethermalisation of the model)

                    Effective date: 01/01/14

F2C:   4.3.4 Characteristics of a Team Racing Model Aircraft

          (dealing with the silencing system)

          Effective date: 01/01/15

F2C:   Annex 4M Silencer Testing Procedure

          Effective date: 01/01/15

Mrs Jo Halman

CIAM Technical Secretary