DAeC and DMFV Meet with FAI in Lausanne

aeromodelling2On 29 September 2014, the German Aeroclub (Deutscher Aero-Club - DAeC), the German Aeromodelling Association (Deutscher Modellflieger-Verband - DMFV) met with the FAI for an in-depth discussion in Lausanne. The objective of the meeting was to bring out common interests in aeromodelling at international level. It was agreed to continue developing the areas of constructive collaboration that had already been identified.


Technical Notice – Bank Transfer Payments

technical notice

Technical Notice – Bank Transfer Payments


CIAM Flyer (3-2014) - The Oldest Remote Control Method Combined with Modern Technology

CIAM Flyer 03-2014Gee Bee 1000 – the control line model with electric motor

The availability of very affordable R/C kits and/or ready-built models from robust EPP material make it possible to quickly and easily build simple electric-powered control line models.


Safety Notice F2B Electric Powered Model Aircraft

 urgent technical notice

Safety Notice – F2B Electric Powered Model Aircraft


Get the Bug for Air Sports with the new FAI Video

glider-aero landscapeThe FAI has released a new video featuring all air sports activities under the umbrella of the Federation. The 3-minute film succinctly presents the FAI sports and includes footage of FAI international records from Charles Lindbergh to Felix Baumgartner.


Urgent Technical Notices from 2014 Plenary Meeting

urgent technical noticesUrgent Technical Notices were generated at the 2014 CIAM Plenary Meeting. They deal with the FAI Sporting Code, Section 4 Aeromodelling under the volumes ABR (CIAM Internal Regulations, General Rules for International Contests), F3 Soaring (F3F), F4 Scale, F5 Electric Flight, and Space Models. Download the document here Urgent Technical Notices 2014 Plenary Meeting and then scroll down and click on "Technical Notices".

Main decisions taken at the 2014 CIAM Annual Meeting

CIAM logoThe 2014 Annual Meeting of the FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) was held on 11 and 12 April 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The CIAM Bureau Members met a day earlier at the same location.


CIAM Flyer (02-2014) - How Aeromodellers Are Working for the Future of Mankind

Capture CIAM flyer 02-2014The problems of mankind's future are associated with energy and resources. With solar aeromodelling, young people can learn how to use energy economically and efficiently.


2013 FAI Annual Report available now !

2013FAI-Annual-Report Capture CoverThe 2013 FAI Annual Report, which gives an overview of last year’s activities and achievements of the Federation, has been released.


CIAM Jury Pack

urgent technical noticesCIAM Bureau has instituted a "Jury Pack" to help and guide FAI Jury Presidents.  Access the basis of the CIAM Jury Pack on the Documents page and scroll down to "Other Documents".

CIAM Technical Secretary


urgent technical notices 150x125

The Electronic Devices in Competition Working Group, recently established by CIAM, now has its own webpage EDIC WG & Electronic Device Approvals well as its own volume of the Sporting Code (first issue 2014) Sporting Codes. The webpage will carry the issued letters of approval for various electronic devices used in competition and well as a status list of all approved devices.

CIAM Technical Secretary, 26 Feb 14