Wieczorek wins the 20th World Precision Flying Championships

20th FAI World Precision Flying Championship podiumThe 20th World Precision Flying Championships was held in Brits, South Africa from 23-29 October 2011.

The winner of the event was Michal Wieczorek (Poland). He was followed by Boleslaw Radmoski (Poland) in 2nd position and Michal Filip (Czech Republic) in 3rd position.


17th FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship

logo_Lleida_2011The 17th FAI European Hot air Balloon Championship will take place in Lleida, from September 15th to September 23rd 2011.

83 pilots from all European Countries are going to compete in the 17th FAI European Hot air Balloon Championship.

The Official list includes 8 Scorer, 7 Target team chief, 16 Target team members.


World Cups and European Championships, Saarlouis - Düren, Germany: Day 4

France Aerodyne DeepBlue opt

4th August, Thursday. 9.00 am start this morning, and the fierce 4 way competition will continue. Will France's Aerodyne Aerokart maintain or increase their 1 point lead over Belgium's Hayabusa? Russia's Sky Panthers Barkli is only 1 point ahead of Germany's Paratec Saar in 3rd and 4th places respectively and Russia's Gradient Alpha are tieing with Italy's Ex3mo in 5th place.



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